Creation of a business card website in Ukraine and Kiev

The creation of a business card website is an important and responsible event, which directly depends on how the idea of ​​a private person, institution or commercial company is implemented. Many people decide to make a website on their own, using ready-made construction programs. However, they do not take into account many factors, are a little self-confident about the task, and in the end they get not at all what they would like.

The business card site is designed to attract attention, first of all, by its informativeness, pleasant and understandable page design. But for beginners, even following the instructions of the designers, it will be quite difficult to make a website just like that. The business card website is the result of creativity. It should include high-quality texts that are easy to read and understandable for any person, even those who are far from deep knowledge of the essence of the idea itself. You can create pages by entrusting the case to professionals who already have experience in such work.


What should be on a business card site

The website has a main page, which gives a person a general idea of ​​where the search for the necessary information led him. This is the name and address, specialization and other contact information. The development of some sites includes slides containing visual illustrations of activities, pictures accompanied by texts. The creation of a business card site may include video content in the background that can clearly make it clear to the guest what he will receive as a result of cooperation with the site owner.

It’s a good idea to organize a news section that highlights the relevance of the site. This will noticeably improve the first impression, and the person will have a desire to familiarize themselves with the pages in more detail. It is advisable to present facts and figures that demonstrate clear achievements: awards, certificates and diplomas. Excessive praise should be avoided in the general description, as most often such information causes skepticism among potential customers.

A very smart decision would be to create a category with reviews, which will increase the reputation of the site. The main thing is not to get carried away with fake comments. It is better to display frequently asked questions on a separate page.

If there are partners, you can provide them with a separate page and describe what preferences they will receive from possible cooperation. It is worth talking about promotions and discounts, the possibilities of free deliveries and the introduction of bonus systems. It’s a good idea to design and place an expressive and concise logo.

Building a business card website is a small volume of work without particularly complex shapes. Practically, such pages contain the most important information and, first of all, personal contacts. The business card website includes:

  • general information about the organization, company, online store;
  • description of goods and services;
  • list of additional services and price lists;
  • portfolio and contact details;
  • feedback forms.

These positions can be expanded to include new headings. The business card site arouses interest, informing about any changes and promotions of those clients who are already cooperating with the organization.

Why the site may display differently in browsers

A situation often arises when in different browsers information, functionality, and the nuances of the layout itself are reflected with distortions and deprive the visitor of the desire to continue acquaintance with the site. Cross-browser layout is designed to ensure the correct display of pages in any browser. These are coding approaches that allow a website to look exactly the same in all common and popular browsers. Visitors can use:

  • Opera or Opera mini;
  • Chrome or Firefox;
  • Internet Explorer or Safari.

Each of the above browsers renders elements differently. For example, in Internet Explorer, layouts turned into an obscure “mess”, although they looked decent in Mozilla or Opera.

There are certain standards in the world related to page building, but every developer tries to introduce new technologies into the browser. Cross-browser layout involves writing code that is suitable for all browsers.

In advanced browsers with support for new scripts and technologies, the site will look simply amazing, but in the rest of the pages it will not open correctly. However, the professionalism of the layout designer allows you to foresee such options in advance and create the optimal code. Updated browsers are another important point. After all, before the development and installation of a new version, you can browse the site without problems, and then face unpleasant surprises.

Our company Goodweb will be able to inexpensively create a website from scratch, using the rich experience and professionalism of layout designers. They have knowledge of layout features for certain browsers, so they will provide all possible code options.

The business card website in our design will meet all the customer’s requirements. Our principle is to provide the service at a low cost, so that at the same time the maximum compliance with the wishes of the client and the original layouts is maintained.

If necessary, we will do the layout for one browser, and then check how the pages will be displayed in other browsers, while modernizing the code itself.

Our services will be inexpensive, but the client will have confidence that the business card page will fulfill its purpose. Goodweb will also be able to develop and create inexpensively websites that can be displayed on mobile devices, with a user-friendly interface.

We will help you develop a layout, offer our ideas and take into account all the preferences of our clients. Our specialists will undertake the promotion and comprehensive promotion of the site, provide all the necessary professional support. We will select keywords, build the structure of the site, and also control the uniqueness of the content, providing financial guarantees for successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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