Teaser advertisement

Teaser (banner) advertising – large-scale popularization of the product The concept of “teaser” – comes from the word “teaser”, that is, a small but very informative banner with text, usually animated.

With the development of the Internet and the growth of network users, the popularity of this advertising is growing, compared to banner ads, and here’s why:

  1. Systems of affiliate programs allow you to instantly launch an advertising campaign.
  2. Track conversion, quality score, ratio of clicks to impressions, this helps to quickly increase the effectiveness of advertising.
  3. Set up geotargeting if you have a goal in a specific region.
  4. The ability to reach a huge number of audiences.

The number of visits, from which the counters hang. Indeed, the result may surprise you, since you can easily achieve attendance in 1 day in 5-10 thousand unique visitors per day. The only thing that is inferior to this type of advertising, for example contextual or, especially SEO optimization, is the quality of traffic.

Of course, for 100 visitors, there will not be such a return as from website promotion. But, nevertheless, the difference in quantity plays a role here. For which groups of goods and services is teaser advertising suitable? As a rule, teaser ads are used to popularize something new, where there are no search queries yet. Also, companies of exclusive offers effectively pass. The cost of teaser advertising in our company is 15% of the budget.


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