According to analysts’ forecasts for 2019, the time of rapid development of social networks and an even more active growth of Internet marketing continues. James Demers, founder and CEO of Audience Bloom SEO agency, said this in his speech. And I noticed that this trend entails large-scale Internet campaigns.

The fact that social networks are a powerful marketing tool in the right hands is proven by the world’s largest brands that successfully use the power of social media to promote their products.

By contacting Mr. GoodWeb, you can use two main tools for promoting in social networks:

Social Media Optimization. This method allows you to attract a new audience to your site through social networks. This is the so-called integration of your website with social networks.

Social Media Marketing. The good thing about this method is that you have the opportunity to communicate directly with your audience. This is work directly in social networks, thanks to which you gain a number of advantages:

  1. It is possible to submit an advertising post as a personal message of the “opinion leader” to your subscribers. This technique usually doubles the effectiveness of your ad. Strengthening occurs through comments, “likes” and reposts. The main idea of ​​our time is triggered for your consumer – “I want it like …”.
  2. You can attach a photo, video or song to an advertisement on a microblog. This improves visualization and perception several times, which means it can attract more customers than just a banner or faceless contextual advertising.The life cycle of an advertising message in a microblog is quite long, because it does not disappear anywhere, and members of the group, scrolling down the page, can always see it.
  3. According to statistics, there are much more people viewing the news feed than those who pay attention to contextual advertising.
  4. And, finally, since this is still a social network, then by creating a microblog of your TM or company here, you have a great opportunity to communicate directly with your end user. This means that you can find out his opinion about the product completely free of charge, convey to him the information you need and form the impression you need.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages of working on social networks. We know for sure that if you combine them with experience and desire, you will get an irreplaceable additional channel of communication with your target audience.

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