Free of charge, seo companies, as a rule, do a seo audit of your site with one goal – to get a new customer. Such audits, to put it mildly, have nothing to do with reality. In order to conduct a high-quality audit of the site, you need to spend a lot of time and have a very high qualification, since on the basis of this data, it is possible that the project will be promoted in the next 6-12 months, and if you go in the wrong direction, you can lose a lot money and time. Therefore, SEO site audit is very important, it is simply impossible to save on such an important aspect.

We, in turn, guarantee honesty and impartiality in the audit.

Who will benefit from this service?

First of all, site owners who have problems with SEO, and there is no search engine traffic! An opportunity to check the expediency of the investment! Also, our service will be useful if you have problems with conversion, or you feel that the number of leads (applications) does not suit you.

Types of SEO Audit

At the moment we provide 2 types of SEO audit:

  1. Superficial – general recommendations for optimization, both external and internal. Shows common optimization gross errors and recommendations for their correction. For example: determine what kind of ban (filter), obvious errors in linking, building the site structure, overall quality of links, etc., Cost from $ 50, online store from $ 100.
  2. Full – everything that is included in the superficial, plus a full analysis of the PV (behavioral factor), deep analysis of links, structure (to the smallest detail), CMM, collecting a complete list of keys (Sematic core), checking pictures … I, T, P up to recommendations which font apply on the site + plus from the chief SEO specialist a couple of goodies and some secrets) cost from 200 USD, online store from 300 ye

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