Website promotion in Google Maps (Google maps is my business)

In the last couple of years, it has become more and more difficult to promote a website in Google Maps on your own, as the competition for a place in the 3rd place has grown significantly.
Why in 3ke and not 10?
– Yes, because the main traffic of Google maps comes from the first three places. Of course, the 3yka itself can vary from geolocation, for example, Google has only about 60 different locations in Kiev alone that are relevant to the user’s IP address.

For whom it is especially important to have good positions in the local SEO

First of all, local SEO is of key importance for companies tied to a specific location, for example: hairdressers, restaurants and cafes, pharmacies, dry cleaners, etc.

For this kind of companies, local SEO has a more important priority than regular SEO (website promotion)
It is also important to promote Google maps if your list of key queries has a lot of geo-dependent ones, for example: “Local SEO” is not a geo-dependent query, but “Local SEO Kiev” or “promotion in Google maps Odessa” will be like that.
Another company’s plan can benefit from a well-developed Google account for my business, since the account can help in the promotion of an ordinary CEO in organic.
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