Website promotion price

We offer two types of website promotion, mainly, it concerns contractual obligations.

1st Option. The website promotion agreement is based on keywords only.

We agree on the list of keywords with the customer and add them to the Agreement. We are responsible for getting words in the top 10 or top 5. Of course, the number of ordered words affects the price of the entire project, the more words, the cheaper each word.



Option 2 is not much different from Option 1, here we also select the promoted words, agree with you, but we are responsible for the traffic of the resource for the selected words.

The cost is formed depending on the amount of competition and the frequency of words. For example, visitors with a female theme (cosmetics, baby products, clothing) are cheaper than construction, as they have a lower conversion rate.

Naturally, traffic is taken into account only by search engines and by selected keywords.



What are the terms of promotion and what does it depend on?

An ordinary text site (not an online store), for example: “site of a dental clinic”, “auto service station”, etc., in topics with average competition has been promoted for about 6 months (75-80% in top 10 queries), the first tangible results in the 3rd month of promotion …
If the competition is above average, then reaching the top 10 may take about 9-10 months, in particularly difficult cases 1 year.
Promotion of online stores in complex topics (tires, sports goods, household appliances, telephones, etc.) from 10 to 15 months 80% of requests are in the top 10.

Website promotion in the top 10, top 5, top 3

For some topics, getting into the top 10 on google, even by high-frequency words, will not bring as much traffic as expected.

In our opinion, the reason is in the psychology of the user, and people act in different ways in different topics. In the late 2000s, it was believed that the top was divided into 3 levels:

Top 3 – 80% -65% percent of traffic

Top 4-6 – 40% percent of traffic

Top 7-10 – 25% -15% percent of traffic

For 2016, in fact, nothing has changed, except for the number of places for contextual advertising.

But, in order to preserve this statistics, the target audience is of great importance, we will give a few examples:

Women’s topics – top3 95%, top 10 – 5-10%

Sale of phones – top3 60%, top 10 – 25-30%

Apartment renovation – top 3 70%, top 10 – 20%

That is, if you sell handbags, you must definitely fight for the top 3, the difference from the top 10 will be quite significant.

In the case of online commerce, for example, mobile phones, with a competitive price and a site on the 9th place in the top Google, then you have nothing to worry about, the difference from the top 3 will be very insignificant.

Of course, a lot still depends on the frequency of the request, but we also note that the most solvent client, as a rule, comes from the top 3, so it makes sense to fight for the highest positions, but in most cases it is simply necessary !!!

Price and guarantees for promotion of sites in the top 5 and top 3 ri google and yandex

Prices and guarantees are negotiated individually, but !!! only upon reaching the exit site for high-frequency queries in the top 10, and visibility from 15% in

Beware of scammers