Contextual advertising is rightfully considered one of the most effective today, since it works pointwise and catches the eye of the very person who asks the search engine a question on your topic.

Today there are two most popular providers of contextual advertising:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yandex.Direct

The advantage of such advertising is also its automation. Special programs today allow you to determine both the order of displaying an advertising message and calculate the average cost of a click by users on a banner, which allows you to determine the amount of the spent budget.

The subtleties of contextual advertising are in the settings. For example, in order to launch such an advertising campaign, you need to spend 5-6 hours, and then, in the process, track the conversion, clicks and make sure that the money does not go away quickly and nowhere. Large providers, such as Google, always conduct webinars and trainings to teach the placement of contextual advertising for new users and believe that a person is ready to engage in such activities only after passing a certain test.

We offer you our services in the field of contextual advertising, as we are partners with Google. Its managers personally monitor our accounts, notifying us about everything that happens and giving us the opportunity to carry out the most effective and budgetary advertising campaigns for you.

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